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CamOnCASH but who are we?

CamOnCASH is the Adult affiliate program of Live Cams

Chicasenventa is the site of B4 Web SL. The leader in online entertainment since 2005, B4 Web SL has managed Chicasenventa, transforming it from a small site with a few hundred members to the best known webcam community in Spain. B4 Web SL has its head offices in the United States and also operates in telecommunications and IRV services.

Our Staff and Affiliate managers are located within the continental United States; we also have staff in Europe, Russia and South America.

CamOnCASH is the affiliate program for webmasters promoting communities, the best known community of webcammers.

All of our members are real people who like to videochat to meet new guys and girls. All personal information and contacts are closely checked to verify they are authentic.

All registered users can sell their personal information in addition to being able to videochat with other members. For example they can give their telephone number, personal e-mail address, ICQ, MSN contacts, etc. Not only that but they can also sell their used lingerie and much more.

Chicasenventa owes its fame also to the media, which has widely dealt with the issue by helping raise the awareness as never before.

It is also thanks to this indirect publicity that Chicasenventa gives an excellent guarantee to convert your traffic and enable earning lots of money! By now it is a given fact that LIVE content guarantees conversions much higher than other affiliation systems.

The CamOnCASH affiliate program was designed to provide the webmaster with the best tools for marketing, detailed statistics, various payment systems and professional technical support at your disposal!

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